Recently our Solutions Director, John Callaghan, visited our offices in the Philippines with our client, GB Energy Supply.

John, a regular visitor to the area, is always happy to share his experiences, and this time, we asked him to keep note of his time out there…

“Working for a fast-growing global organization you come to take for granted your operational teams and visits to the offices are normally quick tours or very functional, leaving very little time to get to understand and know more about the people. During my recent visit, I was able to take a deep breath and take in all of the surroundings. Until then I had not appreciated how embedded into the community our operations in Leyte were. As the second largest private sector employer in the region, DDC plays such an important and pivotal role. Demonstrated clearly after the devastation left by Typhoon Hylian, DDC committed not only to provide jobs but to help rebuild homes, schools and hospitals.

“I am inspired by how humble and unassuming our teams here in the Philippines are. Supporting the community comes naturally, which brings greater loyalty and commitment.”

As John mentioned, DDC has made a number of commitments to get the community back on its feet and support the long-term future of the area. Examples of this range from large projects such as:

  • Building school classrooms
  • Building hospital rooms
  • Building a multipurpose gymnasium that also acts as a shelter if a typhoon of such force was to reoccur

To smaller but equally beneficial gestures such as:

  • Use of our vehicles for emergency services
  • Allowing a school to utilize our internet lines from our hot disaster recovery site, giving valuable exposure to the digital world for the pupils.
  • Working closely with colleges and universities to give opportunities to the graduates.

John continues to say: “Visiting here in Leyte, seeing these things first hand makes me feel proud to be part of the DDC family, a business that really cares and makes a difference. Knowing that bringing in new clients and projects not only supports the growth of our business and our client’s businesses but makes an enormous difference to the community here in Leyte. I am proud to call the teams in the Philippines my colleagues, my friends and ultimately my family.”

Luke Watson, the Managing Director of GB Energy Supply who joined John on this trip, was keen to comment on his time there:

“I wanted to personally thank you and your team for hosting our exceptional trip to Manila and Leyte. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the professionalism of your teams over there and, as we discussed, particularly the personnel in Leyte who have obviously come through the traumatic experience of November 2013 with an incredible attitude. Truly inspirational… I am really looking forward to working with you all in the coming months and years.”