Our Charity Work


The Yabba Dabba Doo

Our CEO, Jan Trevalyan, and his family have run the Yabba Dabba Doo since 2015, raising thousands of pounds on behalf of The Christie Charity. Each year, the family runs the fundraising event at their home in Lancashire in support of proton beam therapy research and the center due to open at The Christie in 2018.

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The DDC PI Community

We put our heads and hands together to build six private hospital rooms that will help the hospital to generate enough revenue to self-finance and reinvest in its future. The DDC Group has operated in the Philippines since 1989. We deeply value the camaraderie, dedication and loyalty of the people we encounter there. In line with our company philosophy to give back, we are delighted to unveil some of our recent initiatives in Leyte Province.

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