Rather than move to a centralized model internally, it made sense to engage DDC, who are experts in LTL freight billing. Their learning curve was very short, and they were able to take over the billing function throughout most of our company.
- Estes Express Lines


The folks at DDC are so professional and experienced, our 16-week rollout was completed in a seamless 3 1/2 weeks.
- Frontline Freight


After we saw the pricing, it was something we just had to do. We knew it would be a phenomenal savings for the company, and the project has worked extremely well.
- Volpe Express


Once we started using DDC FPO, the level of re-rates went down and the billing accuracy went up.
- RoadRunner Transportation Systems


What we liked about the DDC Group is that we did not have to teach them to trucking industry. They know what they are doing. They understand the LTL freight business. The DDC Group does an excellent job of bringing a new customer on board, and their follow-up is great.
- Central Freight Lines


We have converted all of our terminals to DDC's remote bill entry, and we are very happy with the results.
- AAA Cooper Transportation


We’ve seen companies of all sizes, from startups to billion dollar enterprises, use DDC’s services with a lot of success.
- CarrierDirect


For the whole of the company, business is completed much, much quicker. At the end of the day, instead of worrying about the bills, we are focused on our core business.
- Brown Transfer Company


This project has worked as promised by DDC FPO. We did not have to cut any staff from our team. Instead, we simply reallocated our resources to use our staff's time more wisely.
- Clear Lane Freight Systems


In an increasingly competitive market, our members can make their operations more efficient through outsourced billing services like DDC FPO. It can only be a positive for fleets.
- ATA President and CEO Bill Graves