Our team of BPO experts design and implement solutions specifically created for companies in the global freight industries. We currently process 20% of all LTL bills in the United States.


ATA Solution

“We are thrilled to be recognized as a featured product by the American Trucking Associations. ATA is at the forefront of trucking, and through this partnership we can help their members secure an efficient and profitable future.” -Art Zipkin, DDC FPO President

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The combination of DDC FPO’s onshore project management and scanning with its offshore data processing capabilities enables the company to supply fast, accurate, and economical data processing services to businesses around the world.



FPO Solutions

DDC FPO Europe is a leading specialist in Freight Process Outsourcing. For years, DDC FPO has been a key partner for international logistics companies in outsourcing these secondary business processes, thereby improving business performance.

DDC Solutions


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DDC does not answer our clients’ needs with a replicated recipe or blue print. We tackle each issue face-to-face, one-on-one. Therefore, we are continuously updating our event calendar as opportunities for tangible conversations arise.

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Haiyan Relief Fund

Support those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan

In response to the recent natural disaster in the Philippines, we will provide as much relief as possible to affected team members and their families as quickly as possible. The very specific and targeted resources will be delivered with the help of the office of the Governor of Leyte to ensure that each DDC family member gets what he/she needs immediately to get through this tragic circumstance. Click here to donate to our 501(c)(3) benefit fund. If you have questions, comments or concerns, email us directly.