Our Experience in the Financial Sector

Companies in the financial services sector are seeing their traditional markets eroded as new entrants, in the form of supermarkets and retailers; creating a more complex and competitive environment.

  • The increasing numbers of comparison websites are allowing consumers to access and share financial news and views quickly and cheaply. Using multi-channel forms of communication is key.
  • Those companies that design a customer-centric business model and really ‘know their customer’ will succeed, as customer retention becomes ever more important in a sector where consumer trust remains challenging.
  • Regulation and legislation continue to influence the banking and insurance sector, requiring clear processes and flexibility to adapt to changing rules.

DDC has been supporting clients in the financial services sector for a number of years, offering front-office solutions to drive growth and back-office solutions to deliver efficiency savings. 

Our flexible, long-term approach to partnerships means we have been able to design and implement customer contact and loyalty programmes, streamline processes and improve cash and debt collection for companies across the sector.

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